This is a new project that I introduced on Tuesday/January 13th , 2016 after months of reading and evaluating my students. I have been studying the possibility to get schools  involved in what it looks like the whole planet is getting into it, which is programming “coding” by visual blocks.

Our students will be engaging their creative minds into developing games at the end of the course, using what they have learned through this semester. They will be abled to move sprites ( people, animals, objects, etc. etc); they will be learning how to add sounds, graphics,  turning their projects into fully interactive applications; requiring students to talk with each other or do things together, learning what  teamwork  is and why it’s so important they develop that kind of positive attitude.

But again my project is to get all the town’s private and public schools involved in programming, coding. Club Las Amapolas, Bonao _ Codificando

January 2017, in my community, I have started to motivate neighbors to get involved in coding. If you are a registered participant in this program at our community’s cultural, sport club and as in this month on we should add the technological initiatives taken. Our community’s club house is the first one as far as I know that is getting involved in helping community’s families to be awared and gain knowledge and skill in coding.